Precision Billboards is here for you and will help you every step of the way. We understand that you may have questions or concerns about the billboard design process, so we compiled the following information to assist you with your inquiries. Use the resource links below to learn more.

Art Preparation Guidelines for Outdoor Graphics

Bulletins, Wallscapes, and Rigid Vinyls

At a reduced scale of 1" = 1' files should be at least 150 ppi. For postings which require bleed or pockets, 6" of bleed should be included. Indicate the live area and bleed crops.

Bleed Posters and Juniors

At a reduced scale of 1 "= 1' files should be at least 300 ppi.

Color Space and Profiling for all types of work

For the best results, artwork should be setup CMYK using the "U.S. Web Coated Swop v2" color profile.

For the richest black, define as 50/50/50/100.

Provide color proofs if critical color match is required. If PMS colors are used within a 4 color process file, indicate each PMS color used. Note: not all PMS colors can be matched perfectly using 4 color process.

Popular programs supported

Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, lndesign CC

If your software is not listed above, export your file as a TIFF, JPG, or PDF with all fonts converted to paths and all links embedded.

General tips for preparing art

When possible, supply all working documents, links and necessary fonts. If this is not possible, output a print ready document with all fonts converted to paths and all links embedded.

Do not include unnecessary or undesired elements, such as placement lines or proof information which you do not intend to be printed on the final product.

Indicate if a file does or does not include bleed, and at what scale it was produced.

Sample illustrations of a typical standard finished Bulletin and standard Bleed Poster
Standard Finished Bulletin
Bleed Poster

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Specifications for Oversized Outdoor Graphics

Extensions cab be built taller and wider than the live area, regardless of the billboard size.

Images shown at 1:120th scale

Standard Finished Bulletin
Standard Finished Bulletin
Standard Finished Bulletin
Standard Finished Bulletin

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Best Color Combinations for Billboard Readability

On Target Advertising

We have the best locations of billboards that are strategically located along Hwy 21 and Hwy 80 to reach all of Effingham County as well as West Chatham. In addition to these local boards, we also have billboards along I-16 East/West at Exit 90 to provide you with excellent product branding and directional advertising between Macon and Savannah.

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